Sunday, August 8, 2010

a relaxing afternoon

Cova @ Pacific Place

Appertizer Buffet

Linguine with shrimp

I'm never a fan of their dessert buffets because there would be hordes of loud shoppers who have tea just to rest their legs and brag about their purchases. Not very good for the ambience and their best cakes are never included. 

But lunch and dinner is different. Food is not served for the sake of shooo-ing the clientele, hoping they would finish and leave soon for the next rowdy group. 

I love their pasta, simple, nothing fancy or out of the ordinary, but it's the easiest dishes that makes it more difficult to taste good. Just chewy at the center of the linguine, not over-soaked with extra virgin olive oil, topped with garlic and fresh chilli, you could toss the shimmering pasta but no oil would be dripping from it. Coupled with a refreshing sparkling wine, you'd have a delightful meal, naturally lit by the afternoon sun seaming through the glass ceiling.

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  1. This looks so SO yummy. I'm starving now!

    And I'd wear the Polar clogs by Topshop with those footless thigh high socks I think - I can't walk in clogs without a slingback in tights, they get to slippy because of the material! But I wouldn't make it obvious the socks had no bottom, do you know what I mean?

    Fashion Stereotype