Saturday, June 20, 2009


My all-time favourite from home.
Found this interesting table distinguishing the different types of Laksa.

Curry LaksaAssam LaksaSarawak Laksa
Coconut milk is usedNo coconut milk usedCoconut milk is used
Curry-like soup (includes curry as one of its ingredients)Fish paste soup, tastes sour due to tamarind (assam)Red curry-like soup (does not use curry)
Except for bean sprouts, no other vegetable is usedPineapple, shredded cucumber, raw onions may be usedExcept for bean sprouts and coriander as decoration, no other vegetable is used.
Tofu puff is usedNo tofu puff usedNo tofu puff used
Served with thick or thin rice vermicelli (usually thick). Occasionally served with yellow mee.Served with thick or thin rice vermicelli (usually thick)Served with thin rice vermicelli only
Hard-boiled egg may be addedNo hard-boiled egg addedSliced fried eggs used
Slices of fish cake and either prawns or chicken is usedFish, normally kembung fish, is usedOnly slices of prawn and chicken used
Laksa lemak, Katong laksa, Nyonya laksa
Assam Laksa, Penang laksa, Johor laksa

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chocolate Bloom

I have to admit to the fact that I'm addicted to all computer games relating to food. Previously it was Diner Dash. These days, it's Restaurant City. argh~

If you're a fan too, you would rush back home (maybe it's just me, geez I'm pathological.) to check on how your employees ( usually unsuspecting friends on your facebook) are doing and you would hope you'd nail the daily food quiz. Today I realise I have limited knowledge on chocolate. To be specific, chocolate bloom.

I was very disappointed with myself after getting my first ever failed food quiz in Restaurant City.

"Chocolate bloom is visible by whitish streaks or dots on the surface of the Chocolate and can be the result of two things. One cause of Chocolate bloom is Chocolate that is allowed to get warm, allowing the Cocoa Butters to separate from the Chocolate and rise to the surface in whitish streaks or swirls. This is not a sign that your Chocolate is inedible, just that it does not look as pretty.

Another type of Chocolate Bloom is "Sugar Bloom". Sugar bloom occurs when moisture is allowed to get to the Chocolate (such as in a refrigerator) and the water draws the sugar to the surface as it evaporates, leaving white dots of sugar crystals on the surface of the Chocolate. Though sugar bloom does not affect the taste of the Chocolate, it does result in a somewhat grainy texture."

Monday, June 1, 2009

Chez Patrick

Chez Patrick
26 Peel St


Lovely lunch with D at this cozy restaurant, tucked away in Central. Was an honour to meet Patrick himself, the chief chef and owner of two restaurants with the same name.
Great place for a quiet, homely Parisian experience, where you could feast and talk for hours!

cauliflower mousse

roasted quail with salad

beef stew with butter penne

sole fillet stuffed with spinach, au gratin potato

cheese platter

2 courses for $149
3 courses for $199
4 courses for $249

3 courses for $499
4 courses for $599
5 courses for $699