Sunday, July 12, 2009


Manouche Grill
31 Elgin Street

This is an awfully late entry. It was weeks ago when I just came back to Hong Kong from Singapore and I wanted to eat something non-South East Asian, non-Japanese and non-Western. Doesn't leave Jessica too much choice hahaha~

She recommended this new restaurant on Elgin. Manouche offers an intimate dining area, where tables are within arms reach. It definitely promises an exotic Middle Eastern experience even just by looking at its gypsy name.

We had 2 mezzas (appertizers) that went really well with pita bread, and a main course for each of us. I must say I'm especially impressed with Lebanese sauces. One of them is the one served with the grilled chicken. We asked the owner and apparently the recipe was simple - loads of fresh garlic minced and blended with olive oil. That was it! It brings out and somehow highlights the juiciness of meats. The effect was unbelieveable. I figured later on if you needed some zest to it, add lemon juice. This is a must-have with barbequed and grilled meals.

Hummus with ground lamb and pinenuts

Baba Ghanouj - grilled aubergine, grounded and mixed with olive oil and lemon juice
our favourite!!!

Grilled Spring Chicken