Saturday, May 23, 2009


Frites, Belgium on Tap
74 Queens Road Central
1st Floor Queens Palace

Had a wonder dinner with T. As always, mussels are overpriced in HK, so we couldn't eat to our heart's content at this warm and lively Belgium restaurant. I remember having one pot (1kg) of blue mussels in Scotland all to myself, for only one pound.

Generally speaking, there are a few commons types of mussels that you can find in HK western restaurants.

My all time favourite is the Blue mussel, Mytilus edulis, named for its solidly blue-black shell, is species occurs naturally on both sides of the Atlantic from near the Arctic Circle to the Carolinas and the Mediterranean. The succulent meat tastes best when infused with white wine, butter, garlic and herbs!
In the southern part of its European range, it overlaps another type, a paler,browner-shelled mussel found in the Mediterranean Sea and the southwestern coasts of Europe, the Mytilus galloprovincialis.
I'm very sure everyone has tried the large, strikingly colored Greenshell mussels from New Zealand, the Perna canaliculus. I must say I'm definitely not a fan of this species, the meat is too tough and not juicy at all!

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